Decentralizing Forestry


We’re a decentralized micro-forestry and climate-tech startup helping companies diversify their CSR,

Create new revenue streams and build sustainable and prosperous African communities by

investing directly in micro-forests and forest dependent micro-enterprises.

Land Owners

We will add value to your underutilized or neglected land and give you hassle-free returns.
We can help you increase your income and create generational wealth.
By providing your land through freehold or lease, you empower your community,
create generational wealth for yourself and fight climate change.

What We Do

Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030, which can not be supplied by its plantations, on the other hand, there's a ripe growth for the voluntary carbon market estimated at $10-30Bn by 2030. Protectyl is built to scale and meet the demand.

We partner with farmers and landowners to grow micro-forests AND spark forest dependent micro-enterprises enabling us to provide 60% cheaper and sustainable wood and generate carbon credits for companies pursuing their climate protection goals.

Our Approach

We partner with farmers and landowners in the most climate affected communities to grow microforests serving Africa's $30bn wood deficit and provide carbon offsets for the voluntary carbon market.

The Opportunity

While Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030 , western companies are under pressure to become sustainable creating a $10-$30bn estimated market growth for voluntary carbon markets by 2030.

Our Innovation

We're decentralizing forestry. We're developing a tech platform that will enable real-time forest management and investing in forest dependent micro-enterprises in the most climate affected communities with 60% cost disruption of wood vs traditional big plantation forestry. 

Our mission is to be Africa's largest decentralized sustainable forestry company empowering communities by 2030.

Through using technology, leveraging on partnerships with landowners and local farmers, we're scaling faster to serve the ripe $10-$30bn global voluntary carbon market and Africa's $30bn wood deficit by 2030.  By joining us, you become part of a movement fighting climate change and building sustainable and prosperous African communities while giving you a high return on investment.

how it works

It's estimated that by 2030, Africa's supply deficit of industrial wood will exceed USD 30 billion and the voluntary carbon market will grow into a $10-30BN opportunity. To harness these opportunities, we're partnering with local landowners and the community to turn underutilized or unused land into thriving micro-forests to address
the gaps and serve the growing demand respectively.


Landlords provide land, we train Climate Smart Agricultural practices to the local community to provide the skills, labor and security, provide; tools, fertilizers and seedlings designed to grow in the toughest conditions, an innovative tech platform to enable direct forest and carbon offset trading and a ready market for sustainable materials.


We then work with you to understand your sustainability demands and design a carbon neutral investment plan for you to achieve your climate protection goals, create new revenue streams giving you x10 Return On Investment, and empower climate vulnerable communities.


We have a single world which we can't afford to loose, join us to restore natural ecosystems, sustainably manage and re-establish nature as a very crucial way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reverse the effects of climate change while empowering communities.


Acquire Land

We partner with farmers in the most climate-affected areas in East-Africa, forest owners and local landowners to acquire land for our forest and carbon stock. We then do soil testing to determine it's quality and provide species that will thrive best.


We onboard companies and organizations that want to become carbon neutral to invest in our risk protected micro-forest fund and then grow, manage and protect the micro-forests to restore soil productivity through carbon sequestration which enriches the soils for agriculture while helping forest dependent enterprises to thrive and create additional income for our partner communities.

Empower Communities

Women make up almost 50 percent of the agricultural labor force in sub-Saharan Africa,​​​​​​ and are most affected by climate change. We work together to plant trees, practice regenerative agriculture for free on the land to fight food insecurity, start forest dependent micro-enterprises and provide a $2-$7 daily income compared to 1 in 5 women who receive regular wages.

Value Addition

Africa has a $30bn market deficit, which competitors cannot scale to meet, our innovative model can. We provide 80% cheaper wood than plantations, maximizing profit from the global and domestic markets for both climate and economic goals.

our impact

We need you to grow our impact, to be able to plant a billion trees by the end of 2030.


We have created over 38 jobs for rural women, marginalized youth, and refugees both directly and indirectly since last 2021.

Carbon Offset

We have approximately planted over 3700 trees sequestering 7tonnes of carbon within 6 months. 

Household Income

There has been a significant increase in the household income of the people involved in our processes from $0 a day to $2-$7 through their micro-enterprises.

Regenerate land

We have regenerated over 3 acres of land to become fertile and be able to give enough food and prevent hunger among rural households. 

Our vision is to plant 1Billion trees in Africa by 2030.

Tusiime Kenneth
Founder - Protectyl


our team

Together, we're committed to fight climate change; we know how hard it is to find a more beautiful planet than ours! We combine experience, passion and commitment to lead the journey to zero carbon while building sustainable African communities.

Tusiime Kenneth
Tusiime Kenneth
Founder | CEO, Global Shaper at World Economic Forum
Peter Hegedus
Peter Hegedus
Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer
Pascal Ongom
Pascal Ongom
Advisory Board Member, PHD Modellers
Liya Jacob
Liya Jacob
Advisory Board Member, Sustainable Design Expert
Jonah Nsubuga
Jonah Nsubuga
Advisory Board Member, Light College Katikamu Schools
Cameron Price
Cameron Price
Advisory Board Member, Catalyst2030


Without knowing how much you offset is like contributing to the extinction of humanity, we want to reverse climate change and again enjoy this once beautiful planet. Remember that the most affected are the vulnerable populations in the world as climate change comes with adverse conditions such as drought that lead to death, famine among others.

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